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My name is Jared Neal, and I am a dad and an avid gamer, who uses games as a way to have fun, connect with people, and teach my kids.  I am often asked why not video games in this day and age, and I do enjoy video games as well, but board games give you an opportunity to sit down at a table with people and have a real connection.  Not to mention, the tactile nature of games, presents an excellent alternative way to help teach your kids countless different things, from math, reading, strategy, story telling, deduction, and even sometimes outright science.  

The reason for starting the website, is that I really wanted to share my passion for gaming with my kids, and  I noticed in the gaming space a lot more resources were geared towards adults.  So I wanted to give an additional resource for those kids, parents, or even educators out there, who are looking for more information on the games that might enrich their life. 

This is a collaborative effort with my daughter, and while I hope it provides an opportunity for her to learn many valuable skills, it more importantly gives us a reason to play more games and share our experiences. We hope that you enjoy our content, and would love to hear from you if you have any questions, recommendations, or just want to share your own gaming journey.  

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